Mr. James A. Jones
Mr. Stan Pavlick

"Protecting God's Children"
The Virtus   

Interested in supporting and protecting our children's future? Then please consider attending the diocesan-sponsored VIRTUS: Protecting God's Children for Adults Program. This training session is required for all adult volunteers at GSA.

During the three-hour training, a facilitator, who will teach you the tools and show you the resources to maintain a safe environment for all children, will incorporate techniques in a discussion format to help you recognize the warning signs of child sexual abuse and how to respond to it appropriately and effectively.

Upcoming Virtus Sessions

If you are an adult employee or volunteer who has direct contact or routine interaction with children, please make every effort to participate in this training. Your attendance is important. Thank you.

Any parent who is new to GSA who has taken a VIRTUS training session needs only to go to and go into your own profile and change the primary place where you volunteer to Good Shepherd Academy. You do not need to take another session. If you experience any difficulty please contact either Gail or Heather at (570) 207-2238 ext 1089 for assistance.
All employees and adult volunteers who work with children are required to attend a training session. All parents are encouraged to attend.
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